Mission Accomplished – 365 Days on Nerlynx

After surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and reconstruction, for many HER2-positive breast cancer survivors, our next mission, should we choose to accept it, is to commit to a year of targeted immunotherapy, called Nerlynx. When I accepted the challenge, I decided to document my year on Nerlynx (neratinib) in hopes of helping fellow survivors trying to decideContinue reading “Mission Accomplished – 365 Days on Nerlynx”

Hair Growth Post Chemotherapy

I never thought I’d go through cancer… and I never thought I’d be bald. Yet, here I am. Although my previous blogs have been written for the general public, this blog is written for cancer survivors. Each of our journeys is different. Many of you will choose to do the Cold Cap Therapy to retain hair, which I hear is very successful. I did not, so this blog is to help anyone undergoing chemotherapy with the anticipation of great hair loss.
When I knew I would be completely bald due to chemotherapy, I began surfing the internet for images of how my hair would look once it began growing back and found there weren’t many posts on this topic for anxious cancer patients. I hope by documenting my journey I can provide honest encouragement for someone else undergoing hair loss as a result of cancer treatment.

Tunneling Through Darkness

It is no surprise many cancer patients feel a level of depression with their diagnosis, but what caught me off guard was when I felt my lowest — at the end of chemotherapy treatment and at the start of radiation rather than at the the beginning of the whole process. It is important to talk about mental health so that cancer patients to feel less alone in seeking treatment if necessary.

Angels Among Us

Cancer treatment during COVID-19 meant having no family members with me during treatment, so the nurses did it all. They served as nurses and support for patients. It must have been a huge burden. After having chemotherapy and immunotherapy infusions every three weeks for a year, I am incredibly grateful for the brave healthcare professionals in the infusion room who take care of patients like me. They are truly angels walking among us, and this post is in honor of them. *Dedicated to my mother, the first nurse to take care of me..